Shoot a Tommy Gun

You Can't Do This in California

"The most fun in five seconds you may ever have."

Under the supervision of the Baron's Den Range Master, you can shoot a real Tommy Gun in a safe, clean, friendly, modern indoor range. This is a truly unique experience available in very few places in the country. From doctors to delivery men or engineers to students, one thing is certain: they all leave with a smile!

Age Restrictions

You don't have to be 21 to shoot the Tommy gun. Children however, must be at least 12 years of age to shoot the Tommy gun and must have a parent/guardian co-sign a waiver and be present with the child on the shooting range.

If accompanied by a parent/guardian, children 11 years of age may shoot a .22 caliber rifle and children 14 years of age may shoot a hand gun. A parent/guardian must be present on the range for children to handle a firearm.

About the Tommy Gun

The Thompson sub-machine gun, or Tommy Gun for short, was made famous by the "The Untouchables" of the FBI during the Gangster era of Al Capone and John Dillinger.

At a speed of 400 rounds a minute, the Tommy Gun spits out thirty (45 caliber) rounds in about 5 seconds.

Under the supervision of the Baron's Den Range Master you will lock and load a full magazine and shoot down range in full automatic mode.

Single shot or short bursts, just pull the trigger and let 'er rip until the last round is ejected.

When you are done you can keep your target as proof you actually shot a REAL Tommy Gun!

See it in action!